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Why you need corporate travel cover

The thing about insurance is you don’t need it, until you do.

Corporate travel cover minimises the risks that come with business trips. Your company directors, executives and employees can rest assured that they are covered when undertaking authorised domestic or international business travel. Some of the significant benefits of a corporate travel insurance policy may include:

Honest insurance advice from
advisers who have your back

Business travel can be a hefty investment for businesses and a regular part of life for employees. A corporate travel policy can provide comprehensive coverage against the risks that come with travelling, regardless of the destination.

There are thousands of policies out there. Finicky details. Picky particulars. None moulded to fit your business – yet.
You don’t have the time – or knowhow – to scour the thousands of policies out there. Or choose the one that fits your business.

But we do.

We make the time to understand what you do, why and how, so you can get the policy that fits your business like a (tailor made) glove.

The protection you need for the growth you want

advice for tailored
Honest insurance
advice you can
On your side
from policy to
Broad global &
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Your insurance partner from quote to claim

Giving you personalised advice and a tailored policy, we’re here to…
  • Listen to you and understand your business landscape
  • Identify key risks in your business
  • Use our global network to source the policy that works for you
  • Customise it to suit your business
  • Negotiate to get you the best deal
  • Guide you through each option and empower you to make a decision
  • Advocate for you if a claim is made against you
  • Do it all over again, every year as you grow

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