Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance can provide coverage for physical loss, damage, theft and third-party liabilities. Your policy can be tailored to encompass a range of vehicles from cars and motorbikes to vans, trucks and even buses.

Risk Management

As your ongoing risk partners, we’re here to empower you to grow your business with confidence.

Claims Handling and Management

Don’t let the claims process overwhelm you. Our Insurance Advisers are ready to provide you with the support and guidance you need during this critical period. Contact us today to benefit from our expert claims-handling services.

Home and Contents Insurance

Home & Contents insurance will cover your home’s building and personal valuable items against damage in the instance of a weather event, theft or accidental damage. Your policy can be tailored to include all your valuable items even whilst you’re travelling.

Aviation insurance

If you own a recreational aircraft, we can package your insurances to get you more bang for your buck. We will organise the insurance for it all, from the physical aircraft hull to the potential loss or damage to passengers’ belongings. We can also cover hangers used to store your valued aircrafts as well as… Continue reading Aviation insurance

Boat insurance

Personal boat insurance or otherwise known as Pleasure Craft Insurance can insure a variety of different aspects ranging both on and off the water. Whether it’s damage, theft or a weather event, the insurance will cover your treasured vessel.

Corporate Travel

Corporate travel cover minimises the risks that come with business trips. The policy usually includes cover for medical expenses, loss of deposits, personal injury, personal liability, kidnap and ransom including extortion. The policy will generally provide cover for directors, executives, employees and accompanying family.


Property insurance covers the material items of your business, including buildings, content, stock, machines and equipment. Perils covered by this type of policy comprise of fire, lightning, explosions and destruction caused by natural events such as earthquakes, storms, floods, wind, snow and bushfires.

Business Package

A business insurance package provides invaluable protection against a range of events, tailored to your specific business needs. Coverage can include, property damage, burglary and theft, glass, public liability, business interruption, tools and equipment.


Strata insurance is available for both residential strata and commercial strata properties. The policy covers against damage to the building, common property, and common area contents.

Commercial Motor

Motor insurance can provide coverage for physical loss, damage, theft and third-party liabilities. Your policy can be tailored to encompass a range of vehicles from cars and motorbikes to vans, trucks and even buses.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance covers your business against claims which are a result from personal injury or property damage to third parties. Cover usually includes legal defence costs, loss or damage to property and resulting compensation.

Plant & Equipment

Plant and Equipment insurance covers everything from earthmoving machines, forklifts, large, fixed cranes and everything in between. The policy usually covers your plant and equipment against incidents such as damage, theft, breakdown and third-party liabilities.


Cyber Insurance covers security and privacy breach liability, business income losses, data restoration, legal defence costs, cyber extortion, and cyber reputational harm. Cover usually includes access to a panel of incident response teams to respond to cyber breaches.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation covers employees for work-related injuries and illnesses. Workers Compensation schemes are regulated by the governments in each state, and, as a result, they are often administered differently.

IT Liability

IT Liability insurance protects you and your business from errors and omissions arising from the alleged or actual failure of your IT products, services and/or advice.

Directors And Officers Liability / Management Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability insurance or otherwise known as Management Liability insurance protects individual directors when they find themselves personally liable for management actions within the business. Cover usually includes company liability, employment practices liability, statutory liability, tax audit, defence costs and subsequent compensation, fines, and penalties.


Marine and transit insurance is vital for businesses transporting goods, both interstate and internationally. Cover usually includes damage or loss during transit and third-party liabilities.

Contract Works

Contract works insurance provides cover for physical damage of works, personal injury or third-party liabilities during the construction stages of a project. Cover usually includes material damage, third party liability, environmental liability, consequential and/or financial loss for project delays.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance covers your business against civil liability claims i.e., alleged, or actual negligence, act, error, or omission in your professional service. Cover usually includes defence costs, resultant financial loss and damages.