Why have General Insurance?

General Insurance helps to protect you and your business from unexpected events. Insurance is a financial safety net, which helps you recover after something bad happens such as a fire, theft, lawsuit or car accident. Some types of insurance are required by law to operate a business, while other insurances are entered into voluntarily, depending on your specific situation and needs. It’s important to understand your risks to avoid being unnecessarily exposed.

Why pay for an Insurance Adviser when I can do it myself?

Rather than trying to juggle everything yourself, an Insurance Adviser can save you time, frustration and money. They identify your risks, and provide advice on what to ensure, and with who. They efficiently access and review different products from a variety of insurers, whether they be locally based or via major global insurers such as Lloyds of London. Insurance Advisers are aware of detailed terms and conditions, benefits and exclusions and costs of a wide range of competing insurance policies, so they can help you find the most appropriate cover for your circumstances. Insurance Advisers also have access to up-to-date industry data that outlines the major risks your occupation or industry has, along with secondary data outlining the natural hazards you may be exposed to relating to your street address/es.

Who does your Insurance Adviser work for?

Most Insurance Advisers in Australia work on the customer’s behalf and can help you choose the right solutions from many different insurers and policies. However, some Insurance Advisers act as agents of a particular insurer. These advisers will make this relationship clear to you.

Can an Insurance Adviser assist you with claims?

Absolutely. In fact, claims support is one of their most important services. Your Insurance Adviser will act as your dedicated claims advocate in the event of a claim, working closely with you and your insurer to facilitate the process to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why should I trust an Insurance Adviser?

Insurance Advisers exist to help you, not simply sell you a policy. Driven by personal service rather than generic automation, they seek to understand your unique insurance needs and exposure to risk before putting together your tailored insurance solution. On the other hand, the algorithm-driven Direct insurance business model makes it heavily focused on offering the same core solutions to all customers, with little – if any – consideration given to the nuances of your unique needs. If you want insurance advice and solutions you can trust, the choice couldn’t be any clearer.

How are Insurance Advisers paid?

An Insurance Adviser might charge you a fee and/or commission for their services, they also might receive a commission from the insurance company. Either way, your Adviser will work with you to find the most appropriate solution for you. Fees and other charges will be set out in the documentation provided by your Adviser. As always this can also be discussed directly with your Adviser.

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