Episode 20

Our special guest, Trevor Weeding from Development Pathways, joins us to share his insights on connecting with your local community. In this episode, Trevor shares strategies for fostering mutually beneficial relationships to make your community engagement an enriching experience. Discover Trevor’s remarkable journey in the business consultancy space and gain valuable knowledge from his expertise.… Continue reading Episode 20

Episode 19

Our special guest, Cassie Halinan from Stirling & Andie joins us on Coffee with Confio to reveal the secret of building enduring business partnerships. In this episode, Cassie shares her inspiring story, characterised by courage, passion and ambition. Cassie emphasises the importance of embracing challenges and taking charge of what you want to do. Tune… Continue reading Episode 19

Episode 18

We were joined by the creative mind behind Sol Cups, Rebecca Veksler. In this episode, Rebecca dives into the journey of creating a products-based business by delving into the depths of human behaviour and psychology, allowing her to design something truly unique from scratch. Rebecca uncovers the secrets behind Sol Cups’ breakthrough into the global… Continue reading Episode 18

Episode 17

We were joined by Tarek & Jade Elmasri from AnEmotion Weddings to discover how to run a successful business as a couple while preserving a harmonious personal life. In this episode, we explore the keys to finding and nurturing your passion, igniting your entrepreneurial spirit and safeguarding your creative energy from burnout. Drawing from their… Continue reading Episode 17

Episode 16 – Mark Yeats – “Personal Branding”

In this episode, we were joined by Mark Yeats to delve into the importance of personal branding across all industries. Mark emphasizes the significant role personal branding plays in how individuals position themselves in their respective fields and the impact it has on their overall success. Mark highlights the significance of standing out in real… Continue reading Episode 16 – Mark Yeats – “Personal Branding”

Episode 15

Special guest Eti Amegor makes a highly anticipated return to our show, discussing the investment game amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We dive into the question of whether investing in the stock market during these uncertain times is a wise decision. Eti sheds light on the challenges investors faced during this period and the importance of… Continue reading Episode 15

Episode 14

Special guest Rhys Parry-Badkin joins us to discuss the crucial topic of managing anxiety and depression in the business world. The episode explores the psychological cost of entrepreneurship, strategies for dealing with anxiety, fostering a supportive work environment, the challenges of remote work, and effectively addressing depression. Tune in on this insightful episode and gain… Continue reading Episode 14

Episode 13

In this episode, we welcome special guest Eti Amegor to uncover his perspective on the early access to the superannuation scheme implemented by the government to assist individuals affected by COVID-19. Eti provides insights on the question of whether one should withdraw $20k from their superannuation. The discussion delves into the potential consequences of withdrawing… Continue reading Episode 13

Episode 11

In this episode, we are joined by Alvie Oliveira from Cane Financial, an expert in residential lending and small business financing.  Alvie discusses the initiatives taken by banks to combat COVID-19 and the resulting opportunities available to businesses. The conversation explores the changing landscape and the current time of uncertainty. Alvie emphasizes that amidst the… Continue reading Episode 11

Episode 10

We were joined by Gill Collins from Cybersafe Legal, who provides valuable insights on protecting businesses from cyber scams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gill’s expertise lies in helping businesses understand their cyber risks and providing the necessary risk education to ensure cyber safety. The conversation dives into the importance of addressing cyber threats, whether in… Continue reading Episode 10

Episode 9

In this episode, we sat down with Hector Menendez, an expert in legal matters, to shed light on the crucial legal considerations for small businesses amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Hector provides valuable tips to help businesses ensure their continuity during these challenging times. The discussion covers various aspects, including negotiating from a business perspective, reviewing… Continue reading Episode 9

Episode 8

In this episode, we are joined by Esther Colman, who shares her expertise on HR measures that businesses should implement to prevent people problems, particularly in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Esther provides valuable insights and recommendations for business owners in these challenging times. Will and Esther dive into challenges faced by businesses, measuring culture… Continue reading Episode 8

Episode 7

In celebration of World Plumbing Day, we dive into the world of cash flow management in the construction industry with Angelo Defrancesco from Cesco Plumbing. Angelo sheds light on the crucial role plumbers play and shares insights on effectively managing cash flow within the construction business. The episode delves into the unique challenges faced by… Continue reading Episode 7

Episode 6

In this episode, we welcome Gary Freitas, Director of Lumapixel, a renowned creative production studio with over 20 years of experience in the production industry. Gary, an expert image maker and photographer, shares his valuable insights on the importance of video for business growth. He emphasizes how a well-crafted video can effectively reflect your brand… Continue reading Episode 6

Episode 5

In this episode, we sat down with Rhys Parry Badkin, a peak performance coach specializing in small businesses and entrepreneurs. Rhys shares his journey into coaching and his passion for helping individuals grow their businesses and improve their lives. The conversation highlights the benefits of having a coach, explaining how they can equip individuals with… Continue reading Episode 5

Episode 4

In this episode, we were joined by entrepreneur Sam Overton. Sam shared his remarkable journey and diverse background, highlighting the risks that have shaped his life. Sam delved into his background, providing insights into his early experiences and how they influenced his path. He discussed what inspired him to pursue his current ventures, emphasizing the… Continue reading Episode 4

Episode 3

In this episode, we had the pleasure to sit down with Claudia Neal-Shaw, a marketing wizard and wedding celebrant. Claudia shared her expertise in the business of love and the importance of the customer experience. As the founder of Candour Consulting and marriage celebrant of The Love Diaries, Claudia specializes in creating exceptional and personalised… Continue reading Episode 3

Episode 2

In this episode, we are joined by Nikki Firth from Your Accounting Sanctuary. Nikki takes us on a journey through the world of accounting and shares valuable tips and tricks to help businesses thrive. She highlights the value accountants can bring to business owners beyond mere number crunching.   Addressing the negative stereotypes surrounding accountants,… Continue reading Episode 2

Episode 1

In this episode, we are joined by Raph Freedman, the co-founder of Creature Fitness and a professional cross-fit athlete. Raph brings his expertise to the table as we explore the powerful connection between health and fitness and reaching peak performance in both life and business. With a focus on small to medium business professionals, Raph… Continue reading Episode 1

Coffee with Confio – ‘Introduction’

Welcome to Coffee with Confio, a dynamic video series and podcast created by William Freitas, the Director of Confio Insurance. Designed to inspire business owners, this platform aims to provide valuable insights and strategies to help businesses grow while effectively managing their risks. With extensive experience in supporting small businesses, William Freitas shares his expertise… Continue reading Coffee with Confio – ‘Introduction’